In the midst of the digital revolution, direct mail has remained a go-to method of communicating and driving customer behaviors. It is not, however, typically successful when used as a stand-alone tactic. Using direct mail as a “one-off” (one-time only) method is not recommended. Here are some thoughts to consider:

Success Factors
A common belief among direct mail marketers is the 40/40/20 rule: the list accounts for 40% of a campaign success, the offer/message is also 40%, and the creative worth 20%. So how good is your list?

The List
Identifying key characteristics of your “target” customer is critical. Age, sex, geographic location, income levels, and education levels are all important considerations. Known as “targeting”, this detail cannot be overlooked.

Frequency and Other Channels
As mentioned above, to make an impact, one mailing won’t get the job done. An absolute minimum is two, with four considered the number that drives optimum results, when it has complimentary components. We highly recommend a multi-channel marketing strategy, of which direct mail is just one piece. Print, digital, email, radio, networking and PR are all considered strong methods to work with direct mail. Don’t fall into the trap of expecting a one-off direct mail campaign to drive the results you want: it won’t.
Multi channel, integrated marketing is an absolute must.

Succinct. Clear. Concise. Strong Message. Got It?
Clients often fall into the trap of trying to say too much in too little space. Don’t do it! To maximize your ROI, don’t over stuff your direct mail piece with text. It won’t get read, and your piece will be ineffective. A great headline, a strong offer, an easy to read piece: that is your goal.

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